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Rescue our emergency services

Update : 30 Mar 2015, 06:43 PM

Around 82% of all those injured in road accidents in Bangladesh succumb to their wounds due to a lack of rudimentary medical attention at the scene.

BUET surveys note that around 12,000 people die each year from the appallingly high rate of accidents on our country’s roads. The scale of personal tragedies is made even worse by the grossly inadequate state of ambulance services.

It is welcome to see grassroots initiatives such as CriticaLink, a new mobile app-run emergency response system, make innovative efforts to improve communication and training for ambulance services to bring more help to victims of accidents.

Efforts to improve the woefully poor and slow ambulance services on offer,  many of which are just glorified passenger carriers with rudimentary, if any, medical equipment, are urgently needed. Private ambulances tend to fare somewhat better in quality and response time, but they are offset by high costs and tend to charge on delivery of the patient to the hospital door.

The obvious solution is for the government to ensure a proper nationwide network of emergency response teams which, ideally, can be summoned via a simple hotline from anywhere in the nation.

It is disgraceful that more political will has not been shown to develop an emergency ambulance service akin to police and fire services.

A small levy on insurance polices for the growing number of vehicles on our roads would help fund the resources and training needed to build a proper ambulance service. We must not delay. No victim of a road accident should be left to die.

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