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These roads belong to us all

Update : 05 Nov 2016, 12:01 AM

No one is above the law.

Dhaka has long since suffered from the consequences of special treatment for VIPs. There is no justification for why certain individuals in our society are routinely given special privileges on the road.

This not only includes blocking off public traffic to make their own journeys smoother, but also disregarding traffic laws left, right, and centre.

VIP culture goes a long way in making Dhaka traffic worse than it already is, and inconveniences the very people for whom these individuals supposedly work for.

Aren’t traffic laws meaningless if certain individuals are allowed to break them at their own convenience?

This is government negligence, and a slap in the face of the public who are just as entitled to use the roads.

How can the government expect us to follow the rules when prominent persons are seen ignoring them?

This culture of rule-breaking for the privilege breeds further resentment in a city already crippled under chokehold of traffic congestion.

With traffic being one of the major issues the country suffers from today, worsening an already terrible situation is unacceptable. If the VIPs were allowed to experience Dhaka traffic themselves, maybe they could understand to what extent this is a problem.

Bringing an end to VIP privilege on the roads will pave the path towards greater faith in the government, and greater cooperation from the public.

Government officials should be at the service of the people. A big part of that is to refrain from making people’s lives harder.

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