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Expel campus criminals

Update : 09 Nov 2014, 08:09 PM

University authorities and law enforcers need to act swiftly on their promises of stern action to curb muggings and robberies in and around the Dhaka University campus.

A rising number of people, including students, staff, and ordinary members of the public have been robbed and attacked in mugging incidents around the university, which are carried out by small groups of students. 

Law enforcers and others say most of the perpetrators belong to Bangladesh Chhatra League, the ruling party’s student wing.

In a number of cases, police officers report they have had to let arrested suspects go, despite catching them red-handed, as they were not always free to take action against university students who claim political backings.

This is an outrageous state of affairs, but comes as little surprise because different political parties tolerate and indulge criminal behaviour in their ranks. The widespread prevalence of  lawlessness among student activists points to a belief that they can act with impunity.

As the party in whose name some BCL members claim special protection, the AL has a particular responsibility to take firm action against criminals in its ranks. As the government, its prime responsibility is to protect the public and maintain rule of law.

It must clearly support authorities and law enforcers in bringing all those responsible for crimes before the law.

The government and all political parties should act together to disown any of their activists who act lawlessly and support university authorities if they choose to expel students found guilty in criminal cases.

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