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Not going where the wind blows

We absolutely need to reinforce our weather prediction systems
Update : 27 May 2024, 10:20 AM

With the effects of Cyclone Remal already being felt in Bangladesh, the current and projected wind speeds of the cyclone necessitate the government to start investing in more advanced weather update systems for future weather phenomena.

While a pro-active approach can be already be seen in the government’s measures against the cyclone, with over 800,000 people having already been evacuated from coastal areas (as of writing), waterways movement being suspended in places such as Barisal, and 541 shelters having been prepared, once again we can see just how important it is to stay prepared in these situations.

We cannot overstate just how important it is for the wider public to start cooperating when faced with such severe weather phenomena, for those living in the coastal regions of the nation seeking shelter in the designated cyclone centres should be top priority. Urban centres such as our capital city are already experiencing moderate rainfall, which is why it is imperative that our municipal administration start preparing for waterlogging as rainfall is most certainly likely to increase.

Bangladesh as a nation is on the frontlines when it comes to climate change, and as such is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. Given that cyclones in our country are almost always observed during the summer or monsoon, there is absolutely no excuse for us to not stay prepared.

To that end, it is good to see the administration being pro-active in keeping people safe but we absolutely need to reinforce our weather prediction systems to account for anomalous changes in the overall climate which have occurred in the past few years, complemented by a more comprehensive early notification system.

Cyclone Remal is certainly not going to be the last cyclone we contend with, but at least we can always stay prepared for whatever comes next.

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