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Won’t someone think of the children?

Our capital city is miserably failing our children
Update : 01 Apr 2024, 09:01 AM

While the discourse around the importance of education for children always gets its due attention, hardly any recognition is given to the importance of recreation and play in a child’s overall development.

Yes, the pandemic played a huge part in exacerbating the isolation that parents subject their children to these days, often preferring to tether their young ones to digital devices for their recreation, and while digital devices have their own upsides it should not come at the cost of going outside to play.

To that end, our capital city is miserably failing our children with its lack of dedicated spaces for children to be active at.

There is already ample research and evidence which demonstrates the impact of physical play in children’s development: Ranging from cognitive development, the obvious physical benefits, to even social and emotional development. Needless to say, children in our overpopulated urban centres are being utterly deprived of these incredibly important facets of growing up.

Two years ago the Dhaka North City Corporation opened several parks and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy. We need more of such spaces throughout the city, as the availability of safe, open spaces for recreation is absolutely essential for children and their long-term quality of life.

Some of the biggest, densest metropolises around the world, such as New York City, have zoning incentives which heavily encourage private entities to build public spaces. What is stopping our capital city from having similar provisions?

We cannot expect a nation without investing in its future, and what is our children if not our future personified? Our children deserve dedicated spaces for play for a healthy and integrated upbringing.

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