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Giving our healthcare a shot in the arm

We need a healthcare system which considers people as human beings

Update : 24 Mar 2024, 11:45 AM

Bangladesh’s healthcare sector has progressed quite reasonably over the past few decades. However, capacity remains a fundamental flaw of the sector, with the number of patients greatly out-stripping the actual care they can be afforded.

A nation with goals as ambitious as Bangladesh all but necessitates a healthy and capable populace, which is why it is all the more imperative for the government to do all it can to make sure that our health care is not only capacious but also equitable.

To that end, the World Health Organization has seemingly expressed interest in supporting Bangladesh build the necessary capacity. This is indeed very heartening to hear as our healthcare sector still has a great dearth when it comes to doctors and other health professionals.

However, capacity isn’t the only issue that the WHO can help the government out when it comes to our healthcare infrastructure. Given the severity of climate change and its effects on Bangladesh, help in addressing any and all diseases related to this crisis will be absolutely key, especially when it comes to vulnerable groups such as women, children, and persons with disabilities.

Our nation has seen a handful of very positive developments in healthcare over the years, the most recent among them being the steady rise of community clinics. However, there are still a fair few blights on this sector which not only keep it from expanding but also play a large part in growing public mistrust towards it -- chief among them being rampant medical negligence.

Just this year, we have seen several reported instances of medical negligence which have resulted in patients losing their very lives. Unless and until such issues are acknowledged and addressed, the public will keep losing faith in the entire notion of healthcare itself.

We need a healthcare system which considers people as human beings in need of help and is willing to extend that help unconditionally.

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