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Dhaka Tribune

A victory for common sense and justice

This entire episode should be a wake up call for our legal system

Update : 01 Mar 2024, 10:03 AM

The case of Jagannath University (JnU) student Khadijatul Kubra over the past year will go down as unquestionably among the low points of our justice system. Questions must continue to be asked about the justification for keeping a teenager and university student in jail for 14 months on charges filed under the Digital Security Act.

However, it has been encouraging to see common sense prevailing since the turn of 2024; earlier in January, she was discharged from a case and this week, was discharged from another case which means that she has now been discharged from all the cases against her.

While one would hope that there would be support extended to her for undergoing what is surely a traumatic experience of being treated like a dangerous criminal, it is unfortunately too much to ask of a system that locked her up with absolute disregard in the first place.

However, this entire episode should be a wake up call for our legal system; laws exist to protect civilians, not to arm already powerful entities to use them as ammunition and silence any form of dissent or a difference of opinion.

Bangladesh calls itself a democracy and takes pride in treating its citizens fairly. There is reason to believe that we can indeed become that nation that every Bangladeshi is proud to be part of. For that to happen, our laws and indeed those wielding power and responsibility must start caring less about their stature and more about the people.

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