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The benefits also extend beyond environmental considerations

Update : 23 Jan 2024, 12:39 PM

The Bangladesh government has set a commendable goal to phase out traditional clay-burnt bricks from all public infrastructure development projects by 2025. While a commendable commitment to eco-friendly construction practices, it is important that we are able to adhere to this goal. 

The traditional method of producing clay-burnt bricks is notorious for its significant environmental impact. The brick kilns, often inefficient and reliant on traditional firing techniques, contribute substantially to air pollution, emitting harmful pollutants such as particulate matter and carbon dioxide. 

The shift towards eco-friendly concrete bricks presents a viable and conscientious alternative. Produced through more sustainable manufacturing processes, concrete bricks not only reduce the carbon footprint but also offer durability and versatility in construction.

To that end, it is also encouraging to know that many companies are emerging that are producing concrete blocks, and it is an industry that should be growing from strength to strength. By embracing eco-friendly construction materials, Bangladesh can make significant strides in curbing air pollution. 

The benefits also extend beyond environmental considerations. Eco-friendly concrete bricks are known for their thermal efficiency, providing better insulation and reducing energy consumption in buildings. Additionally, the use of such materials fosters innovation in the construction industry, driving the development of more sustainable and advanced building technologies.

It is important therefore for the relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure that this shift occurs as intended, and that by 2025, we are indeed rid of our traditional, polluting red bricks. By curbing air pollution and embracing greener technologies, we can not only build for the present but lay the foundation for a more sustainable and resilient future.

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