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Drowning in our recurring nightmare

Every time there is substantial rain, our city transforms into a chaotic tapestry of stalled vehicles

Update : 09 Dec 2023, 01:36 AM
Among Dhaka’s persistent issues, perhaps none are as frustrating as the waterlogging that follows after every bout of rain. It truly is baffling how, every time there is substantial rain, our city transforms into a chaotic tapestry of stalled vehicles, stranding commuters in a sea of frustration.
While the impact of traffic is of course an annoyance and inconvenience, what must be remembered is that it's also a severe blow to productivity, our overall economy, and, most crucially and often overlooked, adds to the crumbling mental well-being of Dhaka's denizens.
At the heart of this issue lies the city's woefully inadequate infrastructure. Outdated drainage systems struggle to cope with the rapid urbanization and population explosion that Dhaka has witnessed in recent years. Our dilapidated canals and stormwater drains are simply unable to cope when there is heavy rain. As a result, more often than not, the streets turn into rivers, and citizens are left to navigate a watery maze.
While there is encouraging news from the fact that we are looking to address and revive our canals and water bodies, we need action, not words. Simultaneously, prioritizing the overhaul and modernization of the drainage system has become a necessity. Investing in resilient infrastructure that can withstand the rigours of heavy rainfall can not be a luxury for any nation.
Addressing Dhaka's waterlogging and subsequent traffic woes demands a more serious approach, and for all parties to no longer accept this woeful state we find ourselves in every single time. It's time to rise above the tide of inefficiency, invest in robust infrastructure, and steer the city toward a future where rain brings relief and replenishes our land for new harvest, and is not the reason for gridlocks and traffic jams.
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