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A blemish for the nation

For a country striving for sustainable growth, such disruptions are detrimental

Update : 23 Nov 2023, 09:18 AM

It has been disheartening to see the surge in political violence in the country; all the blockades, hartals, and demonstrations have unfortunately had vandalism and arson, leading to hundreds of arrests. 

While it is the general public and Bangladesh as a whole who are the true victims of the whole predicament, if citizens are resorting to physical attacks on political leaders, that is where we must draw the line. 

Earlier this week, two crude bombs were hurled by supposed miscreants on motorcycles at BNP Standing Committee Member Mirza Abbas' house in Shahjahanpur. Such actions, if not immediately addressed, not only jeopardize the safety of individual political leaders, but also pose a severe threat to the very foundations of our nation. 

There can be no nation on the planet where disagreement towards a political leaders’ views, party, or position leads to that individual being subjected to physical harm, with their lives being in danger. 

The impact of such incidents on the global image of Bangladesh cannot be overstated. The international community closely observes the political climate in each country, and instances of political violence can significantly damage our reputation on the global stage. Any political violence, let alone such attacks, can cause concern among our international allies and investors.

The repercussions also extend beyond immediate safety concerns and tarnished reputation; political violence threatens the overall progress of the nation and creates an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. For a country striving for sustainable growth, such disruptions are detrimental to the well-being of its citizens and the overall prosperity of the nation.

It is imperative for the future of this nation that these miscreants are identified and brought to book, sending a strong message that such actions have no place in Bangladesh. This nation will prosper by promoting dialogue, tolerance, and respect for democratic values, not by hurling bombs at politicians. Violence only leads to regression.

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