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Increasing the depths of our trade

Bangladesh has been blessed with a geographical position that gives us an undeniable advantage  

Update : 11 Nov 2023, 10:10 AM

The Matarbari deep sea port holds a lot of significance not just to our economy but to the wider region as well given that it holds the potential to serve as a central hub for landlocked neighbours such as Nepal, Bhutan, and Northeast India.

The port is slated to commence operations in 2026, but is projected to contribute 2-3% to the national GDP. While the project itself might seem like just another milestone in a long list of development projects the authorities have embarked on implementing, of the many large-scale projects the government has undertaken in the last decade or so, the deep sea port holds the most promise to be a true game-changer.
Bangladesh has been blessed with a geographical position that gives us an undeniable advantage when it comes to connecting the region. While this advantage -- if properly made use of -- can help us transform ourselves into an agricultural powerhouse, our geographical position, especially in regards to the Bay of Bengal, can allow us to be transformed into a leading port nation like Singapore or Macau.

On that note, the fact that authorities are taking such a prudent step is certainly a good sign. We also need to make sure that the project is implemented properly and efficiently, and that it is completed by its scheduled opening date of 2026. On that front, there is still a lot of ground to cover.
The authorities must periodically assess progress to ensure everything is going according to plan. Projects like this are also a hotbed of corruption and embezzlement, so the finances need to be tracked and accounted for. 
The Matarbari Deep Sea Port has been one of the most important developments in Bangladesh’s growth trajectory -- we cannot let this opportunity sink.

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