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Climate finance must be prioritized

Climate change is the single biggest existential threat of the 21st century

Update : 28 Oct 2023, 12:33 PM

When Bangladesh established the Climate Change Trust Fund in FY2009-10 to build capacity at the local level and among local communities due to climate change risks, the move was rightfully lauded for being pro-active and forward thinking.

However, it is a shame to learn that the climate change money that should have been used to protect people at risk from climate change is not being used, with reports suggesting the fund is owed hundreds of crore over the past decade.

Given the devastation we continue to see from natural calamities which are a direct consequence of climate change, from unpredictable monsoons to incessant cyclones, this is extremely disheartening. 

Climate change is the single biggest existential threat of the 21st century, and Bangladesh, among the most vulnerable nations to the effects of climate change, has always needed to be one step ahead. Climate finance provides the much-needed support for adaptation and mitigation efforts, enabling us to build a more resilient nation and protect our communities.

It is a travesty that for something so integral to our future existence, we are once again lacking transparency, accountability, and the prioritization of our monetary resources. Time and time again, Bangladesh has been riddled with these issues, and we seem to be making no progress to address them.

While it goes without saying that international cooperation is essential, and that developed nations must fulfill their commitments to provide climate finance to developing countries as agreed under various global accords, we must do our part as well. 

It is about time we look at the future health of our nation and start paying attention to climate finance. There will be no Smart Bangladesh if there is no Bangladesh at all due to climate change.

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