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End the session jams

Update : 15 Aug 2013, 04:16 PM

Public university students pursuing four-year programmes have needed up to eight years to complete their coursework due to session jams and, hence, have been unable to timely apply for government jobs. As such a situation is unwarranted for the students, the universities need to do more to end these session jams, and the government needs to aid them in this task.

Considering that it takes one to two years to get the application process started for government jobs, it is ludicrous that the students are left with so little time once they graduate.

At the moment, only those under the age of 30 are eligible to apply, but the government can raise this limit so that students who want to work for the government are given the opportunity to apply, with ample time in hand.

The universities, meanwhile, need to take steps that do away with jam sessions altogether. This means that coursework and examination schedules must be strictly followed, class cancellations must be reduced to a bare minimum, and other constructive means employed to handle the myriad con-flicts that arise.

Although many universities under the National University umbrella have seen changes made to reduce session jams, others – Jahangirnagar University and Comilla University, for instance – have yet to see significant changes, and the students are hurt the most.

The students cannot afford to waste their time and money. They and their families work hard to pay the tuition fees so that the students can get an education and are eligible to apply for better jobs.

Universities are supposed to be centres of learning and should be helping students learn how to im-prove their lives. Their own regulations and actions must reflect that as well.  

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