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New tracks for a new tomorrow

Increased connectivity does not just save people time when they travel, but instead, facilitates increased trade opportunities

Update : 11 Oct 2023, 12:11 PM

After the Padma Bridge inauguration of 2022, Bangladesh has yet another reason for jubilation, as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday inaugurated the train service on the 82km Dhaka-Bhanga route through the Padma Bridge.

The excitement from there now being both and rail connectivity across the Padma River is well warranted, as now, the historically disconnected southern region of Bangladesh gets yet another boost in connectivity, and this could be a game changer for our economy.

We are in the midst of numerous global crises, with Russia’s war on Ukraine and now the fresh conflict that has broken out between Israel and Hamas threatening to only increase the global volatility. At such a delicate juncture, especially with Bangladesh's imminent graduation from a least developed country, it is imperative that we do everything in our power to steady the economy and keep it moving at a desirable rate.

The increased connectivity does not just save people time when they travel, but instead, facilitates increased trade opportunities, not to mention the option now for more economic activity. Indeed, numerous industries and housing complexes have sprung up in the area in recent years, leading to an increase in economic activities.

With the significant reduction in distance between the southern and southeastern districts and Dhaka, the hope is now to only build forward better and not get complacent; the challenge now is to ensure that these megaprojects function seamlessly and do not get stifled by the issues we see time and time again with other projects in our country.

The rail tracks over Padma should simply be a reminder that we are trying to build a prosperous Bangladesh over the next two decades. We hope that, despite the challenges, the authorities concerned never lose sight of that goal, and continue doing what is best for the nation and its people.
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