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Zero tolerance for disregard leading to deaths

Disregard and a failure to take effective action is not just a tragedy, but an absolute shame

Update : 26 Sep 2023, 09:43 AM

If there is one thing that citizens of any nation should expect, it is that their concerns and worries shall be heeded. For any democracy to call itself functional, its institutions must, first and foremost, be one that does not disregard the very reason for their existence -- the people.

Therefore, it is greatly disheartening to learn that of the reports which state that locals had previously complained to the power distribution company about the illegal power connection which led to the deaths of four people when a power cable fell into the water-logged area in Mirpur on Thursday night.

Of course, the problem with water-logging itself is the first one to address, and it has been stated numerous times, and editorialized in this newspaper, that it is high time we fix our infrastructure so that the entirety of the city does not effectively come to a standstill whenever there are heavy rains.

However, the fact that four lives were lost because those in charge showed what appears to be disregard and a failure to take effective action is not just a tragedy, but an absolute shame, and makes a nation that intends to be taking the next step in its economic journey look miles away from achieving that goal.

This is not an isolated incident but shows up again and again, and there is a heavy price of innocent lives that we pay, a price that weakens the fabric of this nation. We ask: How can we even begin to think about becoming a developed, prosperous, equitable nation when we are losing lives to illegal electrical wires falling into water-logged streets? 

Such accidents have no place in Bangladesh’s future and the authorities concerned must address such blatant disregard with immediate effect if we are truly serious about becoming an economy the world respects and holds in high regard.

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