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Urbanization must be carefully thought-out

It is incredibly important that future cities and towns do not befall the same fate

Update : 25 Sep 2023, 09:23 AM

The centralized state of Bangladesh’s economy has long been a hurdle standing in the way of our goals as a nation. From exacerbating traffic in our cities to the lack of speedy development of our rural areas, all fingers are squarely pointed at our nation’s state of centralization.

Despite Bangladesh’s impressive economic trajectory and growth numbers for more than a decade now, that development has hardly been equitable in its reach. But while steps are being taken, now more than ever, in the continuous development of the entirety of Bangladesh -- we reached 100% electricity coverage last year, for instance -- it is incredibly important that the government takes a well-planned approach in doing so.

To that end, the establishment of well-planned satellite cities and regional economic hubs will be crucial as they can help redistribute the population and economic activities, relieving pressure from our capital city in the process.

While Dhaka, our capital city, has transformed into a burgeoning city, its urbanization and development have hardly been well-planned. Indeed, the lack of a comprehensive strategy adopted early in our capital’s development trajectory is what has led to the poor state of our infrastructure and is tantamount to a city that is essentially continuously being built on top of itself.

It is incredibly important that future cities and towns do not befall the same fate.

However, while urbanization of the rest of Bangladesh is indeed a matter of time, equally important -- if not more so -- is for the government to understand that development does not have to come at the cost of conservation. Nature and greenery are an inextricable part of Bangladesh’s national identity, and more pressingly ours is a nation that is fighting the battle against climate change at the front-lines.

We will require innovative ideas and careful planning to ensure that Bangladesh progresses in a manner that respects its natural beauty.

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