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No alternative to quality education for nation-building

Our education system remains well short of what is acceptable and desirable

Update : 14 Sep 2023, 09:38 AM

There is no questioning Bangladesh's progress as an economy but it is just as important to acknowledge that there is much work left to be done if we are to indeed be recognized as a developed, prosperous nation in less than two decades. 

To that end, our education system remains well short of what is acceptable and desirable; while efforts are indeed underway to bring about changes in the curricula and how the entirety of our education operates, questions must be asked about the efficacy of these initiatives. 

Indeed, as per news reports, at least Tk4,232 crore have been spent by successive governments since 1991 on bettering our education and literacy. 

While the literacy rate has increased from 35% to 75% in the past three decades or so -- and this is certainly a victory for us -- what must be called into question is not just the quality of this literacy, but also the fact that in the year 2023 when we continue to talk up our intentions of becoming a developed nation, one in four Bangladeshis is still unable to write their name. 

And as we develop plans and policies for this decade and the next, which stand among the critical in our history and will shape how Bangladesh is perceived for the foreseeable future, it is imperative that we get it right when it comes to our education - from the primary level all the way up to tertiary level. 

If we are indeed to become a Smart Bangladesh, then embodying two of its core pillars -- that of smart citizens and smart society -- begins with having education that is fit for such a nation. 

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