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It is our moral duty to provide the Rohingya with a pathway to return home

Update : 23 Aug 2023, 03:54 PM
It is incredibly unfortunate that the safe and immediate repatriation of Rohingya refugees still remains elusive almost six years after their last mass exodus to Bangladesh, despite our repeated calls for international assistance.
Approximately 1 million Rohingya refugees currently reside in overcrowded and inadequate camps in Bangladesh, having fled Myanmar to escape persecution and violence. These refugees have endured unimaginable suffering, and while Bangladesh has proven to be an exemplary host nation, it is undeniable that this is not a sustainable solution for any of the parties involved.
Facilitating the refugees' return to their motherland is absolutely imperative, and has been so for far too long. However, the situation in Myanmar's Rakhine State remains concerning, with no guarantees of citizenship and safety for the Rohingya.
It is essential to stress that repatriation should only proceed under safe and voluntary conditions for the Rohingya, which can only be achieved with the help of the influential international community.
Reports from earlier this month indicated that a trilateral process involving Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China is being pursued to initiate this repatriation. While the intentions are commendable, only concrete action at this time will truly alleviate the immense pressure that Bangladesh has been soldiering for over half a decade.
The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated. The Rohingya have endured immense hardship, and their living conditions in the camps are unsustainable. Our repatriation efforts must prioritize the safety, security, and dignity of the refugees, with international supervision to ensure transparency.
It is time that the world works collectively to address a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude, guarantee the safety of returning refugees, and provide a pathway to a better future for the Rohingya in their homeland.
We cannot delay this any longer. It is our moral duty to provide the Rohingya with a pathway to return home.
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