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There is no alternative to good research

Investing in and valuing academic research must be an unwavering commitment from all

Update : 03 Aug 2023, 12:41 PM

Congratulations are in order for the recipients of the BSMRAU Research Award of 2023.

With Bangladesh on the cusp of graduating from a least developed country (LDC) and with its sights set on becoming a developed nation by 2041, there are few areas which require more attention than academic research.

The nation has already achieved remarkable feats in various sectors, propelling itself onto the global stage. However, to sustain this momentum and ensure inclusive growth, which remains among its biggest challenges, the importance of academic research cannot be overstated.

It is a fact that sound academic research can act as a catalyst for further development of a nation. In the pursuit of a brighter future, academic research stands as a cornerstone for driving innovation, policy formulation, and sustainable development.

Be it in the sciences which spearhead advancements in technology or healthcare, or even in business or the humanities which lead to better business policies and a more favorable climate for a nation to flourish in, we must reevaluate the role of research and how it can be maximized for the benefit of Bangladesh's intended trajectory as an economy.

Bangladesh, with its diverse and complex challenges leading into the future, requires evidence-based solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the country. Researchers and academics provide invaluable insights, allowing policymakers to make informed decisions that positively impact the nation's development trajectory

To achieve the vision of a prosperous and equitable Bangladesh, investing in and valuing academic research must be an unwavering commitment from all. Only then can we hope to progress, prosper, and be a better nation for all citizens.


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