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Repatriation must be our priority

We have been vocal in our need of international assistance

Update : 29 Jul 2023, 02:14 PM

It is good to see international organizations taking a keen interest in the conditions of the Rohingya community, as demonstrated in a recent visit from an EU representative to Cox's Bazar.

Eamon Gilmore, the European Union (EU) Special Representative for Human Rights, visited the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox's Bazar this week in order to assess and discuss their state. The two-day visit is expected to end in a meeting amongst high officials in the field to discuss further measures.

This is encouraging, as the active involvement and influence of the international community has been a crying need in the Rohingya crisis that Bangladesh has been diligently dealing with for years.

While visits as such could be pivotal in ensuring the Rohingya community in Bangladesh are provided with the appropriate resources and facilities they require to lead their lives safely and peacefully, it is all the more crucial for global superpowers to come together to facilitate safe and urgent repatriation for the refugees.

Bangladesh has been housing 1.1 million Rohingya refugees since their last mass exodus almost six years ago, and has done a phenomenal job of providing shelter to victims of torture and genocide. While a shining example of generosity, it is a large burden to bear for a country still finding its footing on a global scale, and we have been vocal in our need of international assistance in this regard.

We hope that the EU visit results in international bodies creating sufficient pressure on Myanmar to expedite the safe and immediate repatriation of the refugees.

This is a global crisis, and should be treated with the urgency it warrants.

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