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Our objective should be to ensure safe and comfortable travel options for the entirety of our population

Update : 28 Jul 2023, 12:31 PM

It is encouraging to see that plans for the upcoming Dhaka to Cox's Bazar train take into account the affordability, time, and security of passengers and aims to boost tourism significantly.

As evidenced by the railway authorities' recent proposal to set ticket prices ranging from Tk700-1,500 for non-AC and AC coaches respectively, the fast-approaching inauguration of the direct rail service is set to become the most cost-effective mode of communication from the capital to the popular tourist spot.

This is promising news, as improved connectivity across the country should also ensure the accessibility of the general public in order for it to truly upgrade people's lifestyles the way we are aiming to. Additionally, this can be just the boost we need to encourage more tourism to arguably our nation's biggest tourist attraction, Cox's Bazar. 

This should also be the mindset that we approach future communication projects with. Trains are well-known to be a convenient and cheap transport option for short and long routes, and more railway routes should be established across the country to facilitate faster commute.

In general, our objective should be to ensure safe and comfortable travel options for the entirety of our population at affordable rates in order to establish a more organized communication system that serves the nation.

To that end, the railway authorities must also ensure that all upcoming projects are maintained properly throughout the course of their service, and are not met with the same level of negligence that many of our existing transport services are currently subjected to.

If we take collective proactive measures, it is certainly possible that soon our communication system will begin to represent the kind of developed nation we're building.

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