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Doing away with the bar altogether

Update : 24 Jul 2013, 05:47 AM

In possibly the most egregious travesty of academic justice on record, 100,000 first year students of the state-run National University who actually failed, have been promoted.

The fact that the students, who didn’t manage to reach the 40% mark required to pass, a percentage which is already lower than the standard 50%, could have the audacity to demonstrate and demand that they be promoted, shows just how much of a mockery they are willing to make of our education system.

But that the institution itself should participate in the mocking, and that too for political reasons, has to be the absolute last straw.

Educationists from other institutions are convinced that the students were promoted because the government is trying to appease the public ahead of the elections and because BCL cadres are among the students who failed.

The precedent this sets is so unacceptable that it almost requires no elaboration. Not only will it encourage students to demand entirely non-demandable things like a promotion that they have not earned, it will also dishearten and eventually discourage genuine students from doing their best to qualify fair and square.

It will also severely undermine the credibility of our academic system.

It is unthinkable that any institution, let alone the National University, can concede to such demands, but to do it for political reasons is just shameful.

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