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The youth of today will lead Smart Bangladesh

It is time all of Bangladesh started truly empowering the youth

Update : 13 Jun 2023, 03:14 AM

With Bangladesh having achieved tremendous success since adopting the vision of a digital Bangladesh 15 years ago, achieving the vision of becoming a smart Bangladesh -- one that is prosperous and equitable -- will be even more challenging.

From graduating from a least developed country to a middle-income economy and fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals this decade, all the while navigating the fourth industrial revolution and the global economic volatility, Bangladesh will require bold leadership in order to reach its goals.

And it is good to see that today's leaders are recognizing that for Bangladesh to be successful in its future, it is the youth who will have to be empowered with leadership positions and given the green light to make the sort of choices that the older generations simply were unable to do so.

Indeed, news that the Awami League may encourage as many as 80-100 young candidates to be members of parliament is very welcome -- and the sort of progressive thinking that we ought to now expect from our political parties.

Too often, we merely speak of empowering our youth -- for it is the youth of today that will be the leaders of Smart Bangladesh. It is time all of Bangladesh started truly empowering the youth to take on leadership positions and allowed them to align their ideas with the trajectory of the world.

Bangladesh is enjoying the period of a demographic dividend, and therefore, this is the perfect opportunity for the authorities concerned to recognize those that may be young of age, but have the maturity and fortitude, along with bold and ambitious ideas, to take Bangladesh where it wants to go and achieve Smart Bangladesh.

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