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A gesture of generosity

It is not out of the bounds of rationality to expect some reciprocity from their end

Update : 08 Jun 2023, 10:29 AM

That Bangladesh continues to display its magnanimity to Myanmar, despite their government's ceaseless attempts to sabotage the repatriation of the million-plus Rohingya refugees in our borders, stands testament to the founding father's principle of “friendship towards all, malice towards none.”

The government recently delivered relief material to representatives of the Myanmar government as humanitarian assistance to those affected by Cyclone Mocha. As a nation that is entirely too familiar with strife and hardship, having survived a devastating famine immediately after independence and several cataclysmic floods in the ensuing years, Bangladesh understands the value of helpful neighbours.

Which is why Myanmar's own recalcitrance when it comes to the repatriation of the Rohingya refugees continues to be a sticking point in terms of bilateral relations between our two nations. However, what is even more baffling is why the international community has all but caved to Myanmar's position in retaining the status quo.

A status quo that is entirely unsustainable for not just Bangladesh but for the million-plus refugees we are hosting as well.

At the end of the day, cyclones, floods, and other climate-related disasters are now a continental reality, and the most climate vulnerable nations will need to cooperate with one another if we wish to weather such storms. Given the generosity that our nation continues to show Myanmar in their time of need, it is not out of the bounds of rationality to expect some reciprocity from their end.

A good way to carry that out, then, would be to expedite the repatriation process for the Rohingya refugees and ensure their continued safety and security.

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