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Disregard, disorder, and dismay

Eliminate this culture of disregard and disorder from within

Update : 31 May 2023, 11:35 AM

It is a matter of shame how, due to the unplanned dredging of the Alaikuri River by a company, a 30-metre bridge in Pirgacha of Rangpur has collapsed, suspending the communication system connecting 250,000 people from 60 villages across five unions in Pirgacha upazila.

Once again, it is sheer disregard that rears its ugly head; the fact that the company in question has been summoned for “an apology” is even more disheartening; we expect better from our so-called experts to understand the magnitude of their actions and what effects they will have on the local population -- and this was certainly not the best display.

The fact that this bridge, which was clearly important for the community, was built around 50 years ago and yet was neglected, seeing no repair or upgrade work for about three decades now shows that we remain some way off when it comes to taking care of our infrastructure.

Indeed, in our race to build bigger megaprojects, we may be losing sight of improving our overall infrastructure across the nation. This includes checking for and upgrading existing roads and bridges to ensure that they are not dangerous for the public.

Bangladesh intends to be a developed and prosperous country in the next two decades. However, such an ambitious goal would be next to impossible if we see such blatant disregard coupled with our crumbling public infrastructure.

If we are indeed serious about being a “Smart Bangladesh” in the next two decades, we must eliminate this culture of disregard and disorder from within, and ensure that our infrastructure improves holistically across the nation.

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