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A terrible shame in and of itself

Communal violence must be treated with much more urgency

Update : 07 Feb 2023, 01:39 AM

Our nation was built upon the values of equality and secularism -- that much is undeniable. And it is alarming and disappointing to see the rate at which these values seem to be disappearing in certain sections of our society.

To hear that Hindu idols were vandalized, once again, in over a dozen temples in Baliadangi upazila of Thakurgaon is proof of the intolerance that a portion of our population still fosters -- and that is a terrible shame in and of itself.

How is such rampant communal hatred still such an inescapable part of a country that fought to be the very opposite?

Cases of communal violence, whose frequency is far more significant than what is often said or believed, should be treated with much more urgency than we have seen in the past.

The miscreants responsible are, too often, left unidentified or excused for the atrocious acts of terror they perpetuate against these communities, whose only crime is to have varied beliefs.

As reports state, law enforcement officials have begun investigating the matter, and have assured their dedication to finding those behind this crime. We certainly hope that the matter will be dealt with promptly and appropriately, with the severity it necessitates.

We must also make more collective efforts to demolish any semblance of intolerance or hostility towards other communities, and ensure that all citizens are allowed their right to live peacefully.

While we harbour dreams of becoming a country that is respected on the global stage, these issues need to be paid immediate attention. Communal violence remains a major issue, and we cannot allow it to persist.



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