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More than just business

Our neighbours in the region all have a range of resources to offer

Update : 08 Sep 2022, 12:48 AM

As Bangladesh explores new frontiers in its overall development trajectory, it is vital now, more than ever, to work with other countries within the region to expedite those goals.

Regional cooperation with our neighbours, both immediate and farther, has contributed a great deal to our advancement efforts in the past, and can continue to be a source of support in future endeavors.

To that end, focusing our attention on only what has historically worked for us -- trade and commerce -- cannot be the way forward for the overall development of the country.

While trade has, undoubtedly, been a reliable and profitable arena for us, Bangladesh can certainly benefit from investment in other areas like tech, skill sharing, or training in underdeveloped areas -- and our neighbours can surely assist greatly on that front.

We have a variety of plans and projects lined up that can, if successfully executed, help the county make considerable leaps in development, and acquiring tech and training support in this case can speed up the process.

During Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s most recent visit to India, she emphasized on the need to expand the areas of collaboration between the two nations in order for both countries to reap greater benefits, and for the region to profit as a whole.

This is a promising prospect, as Bangladesh and India have shared a long-standing partnership that has proven to be mutually beneficial.

However, we must offer the same efforts to other key players in the region for maximum support. Our neighbours in the region all have a range of resources to offer, and we would do well to play off each other’s strengths to accomplish greater economic development.

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