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We cannot afford to have another epidemic on our hands

This is a recurring problem, and it is time we find a permanent solution to it

Update : 19 Jul 2022, 12:28 AM

The rising number of dengue infections and subsequent hospitalizations is certainly a matter of concern. The average number of dengue patients hospitalized per day is recorded to be 37 this month alone, marking the commencement of peak dengue season this year.

Bangladesh has been combating annual dengue outbreaks, and yet the soaring numbers this year are a startling, and worrisome, development. Despite the government having taken a number of measures to counter the effects of the disease, this season is proving to be a lot more threatening than we have experienced in previous years.

To that end, it is reassuring that the authorities are continuing to find new ways to approach the situation and defeat the infection. Both city corporations in the capital have set up control rooms to conduct anti-mosquito combing operations. They have also discussed plans to identify stagnant water on rooftops to find possible breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes.

This is good news. That our authorities are taking the dengue outbreak as seriously as it must be taken, and are designing plans to nip it in the bud gives us hope for the control and possible prevention of further infections.

While we continue to curb escalating Covid-19 infections, we must also be fastidious in our management of dengue cases. This is a recurring problem, and it is time we find a permanent solution to it.

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