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Calling a spade a spade

It’s been almost five years since Myanmar's armed forces launched a military campaign that forced around 730,000 of their Muslim Rohingya population away from their homes in Rakhine State

Update : 22 Mar 2022, 12:35 AM

In that time, the international community was content in mostly watching as over a million human lives were endangered in their own homeland by a government and their military hell bent on their -- what has until now been referred to as an -- ethnic cleansing operation.

With the current US administration’s recent statement calling out Myanmar’s actions for what they truly amount to -- genocide -- we feel compelled to ask: Exactly why did this take so long? The mealy-mouthed response from the international community thus far only worked to stonewall any concrete talks towards the repatriation of the Rohingya.

Having said that, the US government’s most recent statement in calling a spade a spade is indeed encouraging as being the international community’s first true step to hold the Myanmar junta responsible for its reprehensible acts of human rights violation. We hope that this paves the way towards genuine steps being made in not only repatriating the Rohingya refugees but also in ensuring their safety and security upon return.

The Rohingya have suffered immensely from the genocide that they’ve been subjected to, and its good that the world is finally beginning to open its collective eyes to their oppression. We hope the US government’s long-overdue stance is the final wakeup call that the rest of the world needs to finally get into action.

The Rohingya have already lost too much, the world cannot fail them any longer.

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