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Respect the Padma Bridge

We spent years and billions of dollars constructing this bridge

Update : 28 Jun 2022, 12:39 AM

The milestone inauguration of the Padma Bridge is losing its luster to different instances of controversies and hooliganism. 

Just on Monday, the toll plaza of the Padma Bridge at Zajira Point was blocked by hundreds of motorcyclists who claimed that they couldn’t cross the river as ferry services were suspended. 

This comes right on the heels of the death of two bikers on the bridge on Sunday, which prompted the authorities to ban motorcycles starting Monday morning. 

Of course, this isn’t the only incidence of unruliness on the bridge. During the opening of the bridge, droves of people made their way to the bridge illegally and took pictures and videos. 

One youth went as far as unscrewing some of the nuts and bolts of the bridge. While the culprit in question was rightfully detained, the question here is why and how was he able to film himself unscrewing the nuts and bolts in the first place? Where were the authorities? 

There have been pictures of people urinating at the side of the Padma Bridge. There have been videos of people blasting loud music on the bridge while dancing. All of this paints a very laughable picture of those in charge of protecting the bridge. 

Of course, as citizens, it is our duty to not engage in hooliganism like this. It indeed is a matter of shame that we are noticing such incidents the very first week of the inauguration of this dream project. However, we also have those responsible specifically for the part of the population that cannot be kept in line. As such, the authorities also need to do their job. 

We spent years and billions of dollars constructing this bridge. We can’t let anyone undo our progress on that front.

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