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For a safer Eid on the roads

 Safety on the roads is the least that citizens of a country can expect

Update : 29 Apr 2022, 12:35 AM
There is always immense pressure when it comes to the outgoing traffic of Dhaka during Eid. And with the pressure on the roads comes the tragic loss of life that has become all too common. Bangladeshi roads have never been safe, but this amplifies greatly during Eid. 

Indeed, it is extremely concerning to learn that, in the last five years, there have been a reported 2,318 fatalities on the roads during the last five Eids, which means that close to 500 people have died every time. It is also important to remember that these are merely reported numbers, and as is the case for Bangladesh, the real numbers could be much higher.

This year, experts are fearing the worst, as after two years of Covid restrictions, more people are expected to swarm the roads. 

Among the primary reasons for accidents on the roads are unfit vehicles -- according to Passengers Welfare Association Bangladesh, there are half a million unfit vehicles threatening road safety currently -- not to mention the recklessness with which most drivers in this country operate vehicles, especially larger ones such as trucks and buses. 

It goes without saying that our roads and overall communication infrastructure need a revamp. Similarly, we require awareness programs and drives to educate our drivers and make sure that road safety rules are followed, and those who do not must not be held accountable. 

The authorities have continually stressed the importance of road safety, yet it appears that they continue to fail the citizens of this country. For a country with so much blood on its roads, this is something that cannot be tolerated. They need to revamp the roads and safety rules. 

Safety on the roads is the least that citizens of a country can expect, especially for a nation that is looking to take the next leap in its economic journey. The authorities at least need to make sure the people of Bangladesh get to enjoy the Eid holidays and not have to worry about losing their lives. 
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