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Where are the authorities?

Update : 15 May 2013, 04:16 AM

The recent BGMEA decision to close down all factories in Ashulia is not ideal and does not really serve anyone's interests. But the fact that they have been pushed to taking such a drastic measure is due to the failures of the government in fulfilling its responsibilities.

While many will be quick to point the finger at BGMEA, it would be wise to consider the fact that the factory owners who have decided to shut down do not gain anything from it. In a time-sensitive sector, every hour of lost production can equal huge financial losses. The same can be said of the workers; having the factories closed deprives them of the chance to earn their daily bread.

Reports claim that most workers are looking to continue as usual and that it is a small group of disruptive workers who may be coercing the rest and causing unrest. The problem that has arisen is that law enforcement is nowhere to be seen.

The closures have come as a result of vandalism and unrest in the area; yet, the government does not seem to think it is important to send in law enforcers to apprehend those committing these illegal acts.

As a result, the factories lose out on significant production, the workers are side-lined and remain unpaid, and the nation loses out as a whole.

The whole situation also highlights the law and order situation in the nation, where many people feel that police can never be found when needed.

Ultimately, the authorities and political leadership of both parties are the root cause of the problem. On the one hand, we do not see the political will from the government to protect our country's most lucrative export-oriented sector, as they are busy with their self-centred agenda. On the other, we have a political opposition who is only focused on undermining the government. Neither group seems to have the country's best interests at heart.

They both seem to forget that improving the nation's law and order situation would win a lot of political points.

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