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For safer vaccine administration

These centres are something that should act as shields for our health, not as detriments

Update : 25 Feb 2022, 01:55 AM

To say that the unprecedented event of a stampede taking place at a vaccination centre in Savar is condemnable is putting the situation lightly. At least 30 people, including volunteers and police, have been injured in this incident. Vaccine centres are places that are supposed to protect people in the long run, not harm them like this.

Ever since the authorities concerned with the centre in question -- the Bangladesh Health Professional Institution Vaccine centre -- announced that the first dose of the vaccine would have to be completed by Saturday, people have been storming the centre, as has been the case around Bangladesh. Even though the authorities later rolled back this decision, the inflow has not stopped.

Ever since the start of the current drive, experts have been stating that the centres are ill-equipped when it comes to safety concerning not only incidents like this and community infection, but also are not prepared for adequate crowd control measures. The dissemination of information has also been scatterbrained as well, with reports of people within their 20s even getting texts for the administration of the third dosage. 

All in all, while the drive started off successfully, as the stakes grew, the authorities have failed to meet the challenge. And as has become the norm of Bangladesh, the authorities paid no heed to the words of the experts, for which we have arrived at today’s consequence.  

The vaccination centres have to be better prepared. More police, nurses, and volunteers need to be stationed for proper crowd control. Information has to be disbursed efficiently and a database has to be maintained so the centres are not overcrowded. These centres are something that should act as shields for our health, not as detriments. 

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