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ED: Bridging the gaps in our infrastructure and connectivity

If it can be kept up, the only direction that Bangladesh can go is up

Update : 05 Oct 2021, 10:31 AM

Despite the many setbacks, it cannot be argued that the government has made progress when it comes to infrastructural development of the country, and has understood the importance of good connectivity to and from Dhaka and other major regions in the country.

Keeping in line with those initiatives, it is good to see yet another such project seeing the light of day, as the government is set to open up the 1.47km long Payra bridge in October.

While it generally took 16-18 hours to travel from Dhaka to Kuakata, this time is expected to be reduced to less than half the time as a result of this. And once the Padma multipurpose bridge is opened for trac in June next year, the journey is expected to take even less time.

The immediate advantages of a step like this is easily palpable. Not only does it lessen the strain on travellers on this route, but it also saves them precious time. Alongside that, the Payra bridge is expected to play a significant role in boosting local and regional trade, as it would ensure an uninterrupted connection with the Payra sea port.'

But the long term benefits of a project like this is where things get really interesting. Bangladesh has long been suffering due to its lackluster infrastructure. Not only will better connectivity ease trade and have revolutionary effects on the economy, but it will also go a long way towards achieving the much-needed goal of decentralization.

All in all, this is an initiative that definitely inspires praise. What must now be ensured is that everything gets finished on time, and projects like this keep happening at a steady, strategic, and efficient pace. If it can be kept up, the only direction that Bangladesh can go is up.

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