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ED: Planning ahead for a successful MRT

It needs to be planned and run in a way that does not make an already terrible situation worse

Update : 25 Sep 2021, 01:28 AM

For a metropolis like Dhaka, the mass rapid transit system has been essential for a long time, which is why the government’s implementation of the metro rail was such welcome news.

However, in order for it to be successful and truly address the myriad issues a lack of a proper public transportation system have caused Dhaka, it needs to be planned and run in a way that does not make an already terrible situation worse.

However, according to experts, once the authorities begin partial operation of the metro rail service between Uttara and Agargaon, the likelihood of further chaos and congestion is likely due to the lack of additional surrounding space near the Agargaon station.

Since each train has the capacity to carry over 2,300 people at a time, with a potential 20,000 passengers every hour, passengers are likely to flock near the station as they enter and exit, causing massive gridlock in the area.

This is exactly the sort of problem that the metro rail is meant to alleviate, and unless the authorities come up with a plan to solve the potential pitfalls of such a scenario, the metro rail will only lead to further hassle for the Dhaka commuter.

However, it is encouraging to note that authorities have the issue on their minds, as plans for a circular bus service between Agargaon and Farmgate is being considered as a potential solution to the problem.

However, the first phase is a little more than a year away, and time for considerations are over -- the time now is to act and ensure that the metro rail ends up being the success story we have all imagined it to be, one that finally puts a dent in the overwhelming problem of traffic congestion in Dhaka.

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