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Dhaka Tribune

Wrong words at the wrong time

Update : 26 Apr 2013, 06:00 PM

By making threats to take over Bangabhaban and re-issuing the threat to besiege Dhaka on May 5, Hefazat proved itself to be extremely thoughtless and callous to the nation’s sensibilities, especially in light of recent events.

One would have thought that, since they claim to be genuine Muslims, they would have had enough compassion to delay the siege or, at the least, refrain from speaking of it in the manner they did on Saturday, at a rally held in Lalbagh.

Instead, they had the gall to dub the collapse of Rana Plaza “a curse from Almighty Allah,” which is preposterous, considering all the news reports and accounts about the real culprits behind the collapse.

This is akin to insulting the hard-working RMG workers who died and dishonouring their memory. This is akin to offending the thousands of workers and family members traumatised by the tragedy. This is akin to slapping the survivors in the face for trying to support their families.

At a time when the victims of this disaster need compassion and assistance, at a time when Hefazat could have stepped up its efforts en masse to help them, thereby showing true piety, they resorted to intimidation.

It was the wrong thing to do at the wrong time.

The Hefazat leaders should not have spoken so rashly.  They should have taken a leaf out of the Prophet’s (SM) life, and been more compassionate. That would have been the Islamic thing to do. 



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