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Update : 28 Apr 2013, 07:43 AM

The government's failings with regard to the Savar tragedy have been numerous, and most of them seem to be related to their decision-making abilities.

Over and over, we have seen the government make the wrong call with regards to how they should move forward with rescue operations. It is extremely disappointing to see how our leaders can be so callous and so very misinformed.

Our home minister stated that the rescue operations would only continue until Friday morning with the subsequent focus being on demolition.

His statement was met with public outrage – and rightly so. The uninformed comment coming from the home minister was a clear indication of how our leadership was completely uninformed about the actual situation on the ground. It also exhibits the insensitivity that seems to be a staple of the government's response to the tragedy.

Luckily, the reaction from the people of the country stayed the demolition operation. As a result, the efforts have seen well over 100 people rescued since Friday morning.

Another aspect in which the government essentially failed the nation was in declining foreign assistance for the rescue operation. While the efforts of those on the ground have been commendable, they are short-handed with regard to skilled rescue personnel and necessary equipment, and have been quite vocal about it.

The government, as a whole, needs to start reassessing how it is dealing with the situation, and do whatever is in their power to help those in Savar.

It is unacceptable that the government did not accept the offer of international assistance that may have been invaluable to rescue efforts, and it is also unacceptable that any member of the government would imply that we would move into demolition activities before we were absolutely sure that all the survivors of the accident had been rescued.

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