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The greater good

Update : 27 Apr 2013, 04:01 AM

Although everyone is horrified about the preventable tragedy that has happened in Savar, it has brought to light some positive aspects about our nation, most importantly, the fortitude and compassion of the people of Bangladesh.

While we have seen some of our political leaders handle the situation poorly, we have seen an overwhelming response from the public in stepping up and taking things into their own hands.

The site of the tragedy has become absolutely inundated with volunteers. People have come forth in droves and are getting their hands dirty. Men and women are risking their health and often their lives in order to help others in need. They have been there day and night, working in dire conditions, surrounded by darkness and misery, steeling themselves against the cries of the injured and dying – and pushing on. Doing what needs to be done so as to help their fellow man.

Multiple organisations, groups and individuals have organised collection drives, calling on the masses to donate money, medical supplies, flashlights and any number of items that may assist rescue efforts. These parties have taken efforts to ensure that those working at the site are given the resources they need to continue extraction efforts.

Many of the cities hospitals are working non-stop to provide medical assistance to survivors of the tragedy. At some teaching hospitals we have seen a cancellation of scheduled classes so that students can help attend to those injured at Savar. We have also seen doctors from all over the city flock to hospitals surrounding the Savar area to volunteer their services.

Even social media has had a role to play in all the efforts to support the rescue.

It is important to note that people all over the city, and the country, are coming together to contribute to something bigger than themselves. They are speaking out against injustice, and have proven their dedication to change through organisation and subsequent action.

We must hope that following the rescue operation, this same united spirit can be harnessed to bring about the changes that the country desperately needs.  



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