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A breath of fresh air?

Update : 22 Apr 2013, 05:55 PM

The news that the BNP is considering bringing Zubaida Rahman into the political fold is certainly welcome, and hopefully represents the potential for a sea change in the current political scenario.

Many will argue that this is a bad move – a perpetuation of the dynastic political system that has led the country to a point where we are rife with political instability. While we agree that political dynasties are certainly not ideal, we must look at things realistically. Political dynasties exist in our country and in others. One can just look across the border to India, or you could look further afield to the US.

If this is the reality we face, the best we can hope for is that those who come forth from these families are genuinely concerned about the country and capable of improving the nation’s situation.

This is where Zubaida comes in. A doctor by training, she has the educational and analytical background that would allow her to do well in our discordant political system. It is also possible that she could act as a bridge between the ruling and opposition party, as she is widely accepted, and more importantly, respected.

It also suggests that BNP can still make smart, insightful decisions. It is apparent that they have finally heard the people and come to the realisation that the public would not appreciate Tarique Rahman taking over from his mother.

We, as a nation, should hope that Zubaida comes into the fray on her own terms. Our biggest fear should be that Zubaida, as either lackey or puppet, would continue and maintain our political status quo.

As a newcomer to our political landscape, she should bring in new ideas and party policies which would allow the nation to work past our current deadlock.  

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