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ED: Fuel for the nation

It is imperative that the authorities concerned focus on moving away from fossil fuels

Update : 21 Jun 2021, 10:00 AM

It is only natural that as Bangladesh becomes a more developed economy -- with the intention of reaching middle-income status in a few years -- it will require greater amounts of energy to both fuel and sustain its development.

Keeping that in mind, energy experts have rightfully expressed concern over the present condition of Bangladesh's energy production, and the increasing need to accelerate industrial growth in a planned and environmentally friendly manner. In order to successfully achieve this, Bangladesh needs to focus on the production of alternative sources of fuel that are cleaner, while also diversifying its energy mix.

The approach of diversifying sources is the only logical solution to any significant economy; it has never been a wise choice to remain overly committed to only one avenue, be it exports, vaccine procurement, or energy. 

There remains tremendous potential for Bangladesh to explore energy sources within the country and it is this capacity for exploration that must be prioritized, both from the perspective of protecting the environment and reducing Bangladesh's reliance on imported sources of energy. 

The fuel that will power the nation's development will decide to a great degree the sustainability of the progress we achieve. And as Bangladesh looks to diversify its economic operations to maximize growth and development, it is imperative that the authorities concerned focus on moving away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner sources of energy.

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