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ED: Ensuring an effective lockdown

There is zero room for complacency

Update : 05 Apr 2021, 08:09 AM

The week-long nationwide lockdown is upon us, as Bangladesh desperately tries to curb the recent alarming spike of Covid-19 cases which have seen the country register its highest ever seven-day moving average of daily Covid deaths, at about 50 deaths.

To that effect, the government has issued 11 directives with regard to the restriction of movement, a move that is timely and necessary given the current condition the country is in.

While the directives themselves may not be to everyone’s liking, and indeed, questions may arise with regard to the continuation of factories and industries, along with a lack of clarity for those who cannot always avail online options for daily necessities, a lockdown is, ultimately, the last resort that a government takes, and given the current predicament, there appears to have been little choice in the matter.

However, now that the lockdown is going into effect, for it to be successful and achieve what it is meant to, there is zero room for complacency, and everyone must do their respective parts. While the general public has a large role to play -- something detailed in today’s other editorial -- the role of the law enforcement along with other public officials who have been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the lockdown’s effectiveness must remain fully committed.

There is little doubt that Bangladesh is back to this grim reality of increasing deaths and cases due to the flouting of health directives that medical experts have continued to stress upon, and it could be argued that the authorities concerned themselves were too lax with regard to conveying just how important they were.

Such laxness can not be allowed any more and no one should be allowed to disregard the directives of the lockdown. We must all do our part to ensure that we do not need to keep ourselves in further lockdown in the future, and so that we can return life back to the way it was.

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