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ED: A better system for migrant worker management

Targeted reintegration support programs, for example, will now be possible

Update : 17 Feb 2021, 01:30 AM

An efficient system for collecting, analyzing, and storing migrant worker data in Bangladesh has been needed for a long time. To that end, kudos to the IOM for helping to develop the Returning Migrants Management of Information System (ReMiMiS), which is essentially a nationwide returnee database intended to make a number of processes easier. Sustainable reintegration of returnees is a priority, and information stored in this system will enable the authorities to do things it could not do before.

Targeted reintegration support programs, for example, will now be possible. The database will have skill profiles of returning migrants, and this information will help in an efficient allocation of labour to communities and to sectors in demand. This will boost our economy at home, but it will also give returnee migrant workers the opportunities they deserve after doing so much for us by sending valuable remittance earnings back to the country.

The truth is, up till now, we have not done enough to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of our migrant workers. These men and women go to foreign shores with very little certainty about their fates. Quite often they are mistreated by their employers. Many women have complained of physical and sexual abuse abroad, and return home in a state of trauma. These migrant workers deserve our support. A comprehensive database will at least help the authorities store all pertinent information and smooth out various wrinkles in the process.

Bangladesh right now is on a mission to digitalize all sectors. A migrant worker database goes perfectly with this vision. Moving forward, let us ensure all officials concerned are trained in using this system properly.

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