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This is not the time to hit the road

This is a time to self-isolate, and stay at home as much as possible

Update : 24 Mar 2020, 08:00 PM

At a time when social distancing and isolation are needed to halt the spread of the highly contagious Covid-19, it is alarming and disheartening to see people make a mad rush to go home on public transportation.

While the Bangladesh Railway Authorities have suspended all local, commuter, and mail train services across the country, inter-district trains are still running, as tickets have already been sold to passengers. Sadly, this may be all it takes for the coronavirus to spread.

With the government announcing a much-needed shutdown to be effective from March 26 to April 4, there seems to be a greater sense of desperation among people to use this time to go to their homes outside the capital.

However, it is absolutely imperative for our population to understand that what is happening is a public health emergency, and not a holiday or an opportunity to be with family.

On the contrary, this is a time to self-isolate, and stay at home as much as possible.

To that end, we hope the government sends a clear and strong message about the urgency of the matter. The devastation in Europe shows that there is no room for error here.

The Covid-19 is a global health emergency the likes of which we have not witnessed in our lifetimes, having spread to just about every country on the world map. Bangladesh, being densely populated, is no doubt at high risk.

People in droves still rushing to Kamlapur Railway Station at a time when isolation is needed shows how badly we may soon get hit.

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