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Development in the fast lane

Greater connectivity will also help ease the immense pressure our capital city currently faces

Update : 11 Mar 2020, 08:00 PM

Bangladesh’s first ever expressway -- connecting Dhaka to Faridpur’s Bhanga Upazila -- is welcome news, and offers a glimpse into the future of connectivity for citizens.

The project, set to be completed by June 2020, cost over Tk11,000 crore, and is a four-lane expressway spanning 54.7km. It is set to reduce travel time by several hours, and provide a great boost to connectivity between Dhaka and the southern districts.

Projects such as this expressway are just the sort Bangladesh needs moving forward; connectivity has long been an issue for our country, and people spend hours upon hours stuck in gridlocked traffic, whether it be in the capital city of Dhaka, or on our national highways.

While the government deserves its share of plaudits for completing this project, this expressway should just be the beginning of a concerted effort to improve the overall state of connectivity in our country.

In order to fully implement hassle-free travel for passengers across the country, it is not only expressways, but bridges, rails, and roads in general that require proper construction, planned meticulously so that it all combines into providing a seamless journey, free from excess traffic and gridlocks.

Bangladesh has several mega projects lined up for the future, including the construction of the Padma Bridge. It is extremely important for the government and all authorities concerned to prioritize efficient implementation of these projects.

Ultimately, this greater connectivity will also help ease the immense pressure our capital city currently faces, and hopefully edges the economy towards decentralization, which comes with its own set of benefits.

For a country harbouring lofty ambitions in the near-future, poor connectivity cannot be an issue that we continue to grapple with. It is time that changed.

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