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A home for everyone

It is not enough for people to just have a roof over their head

Update : 09 Mar 2020, 09:00 PM

It is extremely encouraging to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina address the situation of homelessness in Bangladesh, pledging to eradicate the issue within the duration of the Mujib Year.

While the progress that Bangladesh has achieved has been nothing if not commendable, there remain plenty of areas where we can and must do better.

To that end, the prioritization of housing in the country is welcome news; every citizen in the country deserves to have a safe, functional home that provides them with safety and security.

The onus is now on respective authorities to heed the PM’s words, and do everything possible to help the homeless find a home.

Despite the PM’s words about tackling homelessness in the rural areas of the country, the government would do well to not forget about the significant urban homeless population that also exists, particularly in the capital.

Therefore, the long-term solution for addressing the issue of homelessness, particularly in the urban areas, is public housing projects -- something that has been talked about previously, but never taken seriously enough to prioritize and begin work on.

It is not enough for people to just have a roof over their head; a significant number of people in urban areas live in makeshift shelters they call home, without access to basic housing facilities. That is no safe and sustainable way to be living.

It is important for the prosperity of the country to reach all corners of the country; holistic and sustainable development is the only way, and it is not enough for just certain areas and populations of the country to reap the benefits.

If Bangladesh is indeed going to be recognized as a country that cares for all of its people, then it must ensure that its people live in proper homes, with dignity and respect.

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