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Unfit for duty

For too long have these unfit vehicles endangered the lives of people

Update : 23 Feb 2020, 11:00 PM

One of the most obvious factors contributing to the absolutely atrocious state of our traffic, and indeed the pervasive lack of safety on our roads and highways, is the inordinate number of unfit vehicles that are still being used in the country.

For too long have these unfit vehicles endangered the lives of people, while the authorities have done next to nothing to remove them from our streets. However, it is good to see the High Court finally chime in on the matter, as they have officially asked the government to tackle the issue of unfit vehicles head-on.

To that end, the court’s recommendation to form task forces in each and every district to monitor and stop the movement of unfit and unregistered vehicles is sound.

It’s worth noting that the High Court’s involvement in ensuring our roads and highways remain safe is not unprecedented. Last year, the court heavily pushed the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority to clean up its act with regards to keeping unfit vehicles off our roads.

Clearly that push itself was not enough.

Much like most of our national issues, it invariably comes down to enforcing existing legislation and policies. Which is why we believe that the idea of forming task forces, with the express intent to enforce these laws can indeed bear fruit.

It has been less than two years that the nation witnessed a historic movement demanding safer roads for everyone, and the issue is as pervasive today as it has ever been. While it is regrettable that a right as fundamental as safety needs to be fought for on the streets, the movement paved the way for legislature that would ensure safer roads.

Laws and policies for any positive change is always appreciated, but they mean nothing without enforcement.

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