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The day Bangabandhu came home

Let us promise ourselves to become better as a people, and as a nation

Update : 10 Jan 2024, 01:51 PM

On January 10, 1972, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came home. 

After igniting the fire that began a struggle for independence, Bangabandhu was finally able to step foot on the newly born nation of Bangladesh as did the rest of the Bangladeshi people. 

As such, as we come closer to Mujib Borsho, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s centenary celebration, it is fitting to begin the countdown from this day onward, on the day Bangabandhu came home to a people finally released from the clutches of oppression. 

Mujib Year is meant to be a celebration of the values that the Father of the Nation stood for and to ensure that Bangladesh continues to stand strong on these principles for which our very existence as a nation was ensured. 

It also provides us with the opportunity to spread the image of Bangladesh as a land of opportunity, freedom, and democracy, a land that values the toil of its people above all else, and has survived through immense resilience obstacle after obstacle, and will continue to do so in the future. 

But our celebration of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s 100th birthday should not merely rest on what we have achieved, but also on focusing on what more we can do, into tapping into our immense potential as a nation, to provide an even better nation for the people of this country. 

There are many ways that we as a nation still continue to fall behind as a result of corruption, lethargy, inefficiency, and cruelty, elements we should do everything in our power to ensure no longer exists within our national consciousness.

As the new decade begins, and we gear up to celebrate the 100th year of the man who began the struggle to provide us with our freedom, let us promise ourselves to become better as a people, and as a nation. 

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