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A stand against corruption

There is still plenty of work to be done -- a fact the PM herself recognizes and stresses upon

Update : 18 Jan 2019, 11:52 PM

It is heartening to see the PM sternly reiterate her government’s zero tolerance policy against corruption -- particularly in public administration -- during a visit to the Public Administration Ministry.

With considerable rises in salaries and benefits for government officials across the board, the prime minister’s comment that there is no excuse for resorting to corrupt activities ought to be a wake-up call for any and all who choose to be derailed from their basic duty of serving the people of Bangladesh.

There is no doubt that Bangladesh is on the verge of something special -- of turning a significant corner in our development story; middle income status is within reach, we are experiencing historic growth numbers, our export statistics are nothing if not admirable, and we are soon to celebrate 50 years as an independent nation.

But there is still plenty of work to be done -- a fact the PM herself recognizes and stresses upon.

To that end, it is absolutely vital that the country’s progress is not marred by shoddy governance and a corrupt public administration, and therefore a zero tolerance policy towards corruption needs to be in place.

The prime minister has been quite unequivocal in her message, saying tough action will be taken against anyone found resorting to corruption, and that establishing good governance and a graft-free administration is a must in reaching the goal of a developed and prosperous nation.

To that end, there is a strategy in place to evaluate the work of civil servants, which we hope will be put into practice without compromise.

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