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Away from the path of radicalization

A woeful lack of coordination between the agencies concerned has halted any visible progress

Update : 29 Nov 2018, 05:41 PM

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Holey Artisan Bakery in July 2016, discussions opened up on whether our society was failing its next generation by letting young people’s problems and grievances go unheard: Why were so many falling into the trap of extremist ideology?

That was over two years ago.

Since then, we have noticed a series of successful counter-terrorism operations throughout Bangladesh via coordinated efforts from the local police, RAB, intelligence bodies, and other law enforcement agencies.

While we have noticed a great deal of success in moment-to-moment counter-terrorism operations, unfortunately, we have yet to see such progress being made to our de-radicalization front.

While it is somewhat reassuring to know that the government is now focusing on de-radicalization and rehabilitation schemes for previously convicted terrorists, a woeful lack of coordination between the agencies concerned has halted any visible progress.

This is unacceptable.

We know that it is indeed possible for our law enforcement agencies to come together and take a strong stance against terror. We have seen them do it before, which is why there is little excuse for their current inactivity in countering radicalization, in stopping the spread of extremism before it takes root.

To that end, our religious leaders have a large part to play as well. We have previously seen imams and Islamic leaders come forth and denounce terror attacks, and we expect them to continue that work by reaching out and deterring young people from the path of extremism.

While law enforcement and Islamic leaders have a large part to play in combating radicalization, the real efforts begin closer to home, with the right kind of education and guidance.

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