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Dhaka Tribune

Celebrating the true spirit of Victory Day

Update : 16 Dec 2017, 01:45 AM
On this day, 46 years ago, we lost countless brave souls, who sacrificed their lives for the birth of a new nation. And, since then, a fledgling Bangladesh has grown into a country to behold. It is our solemn duty to remember those who lost their lives in the bloody chapter preceding our victory, when we finally triumphed over our Pakistani oppressors to establish a new democratic country. Yes, we have come a very long way. Our RMG sector now exports products to almost every corner of the world. We have successfully met the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, improving exponentially in multiple areas such as gender equity and child mortality. And our economy has soared to great heights, now seeing almost a 7% per annum growth rate. How we have struggled and strived, bled sweat and tears to get here. Once where there was famine and starvation, now there is wealth and prosperity. But we have not conquered all: Our nation still remains one of the most corrupt, our cities are overburdened, our coasts are inundated by the adverse effects of climate change. We have also had a year where we had to feed and take care of almost a million new inhabitants, the Rohingya, which we did with great aplomb. Yes, there are challenges ahead, but if we keep in our hearts the values we so passionately fought for 46 years ago, we can and will succeed in the future. Bangladesh, new as it is, young as we are, is a nation full of potential. If our victory in the nine-month Liberation War should have taught us anything, it is this: If we come together as a country, no one can stop us. Moving forward towards the new year, we must gear up for the challenges ahead. We have a multitude of problems which need solutions, and these solutions can only come through paying heed to the true spirit of our country’s history, one of democracy, secularism, and independence. With 46 years behind us, we do not have any more excuses. As we remember our fallen heroes, and the vision they had for our country, let us also face our challenges head on, and do everything in our power to create a better, stronger, and more peaceful nation.
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